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Let the Stars Align

I have been on a tear lately visiting with many distributors out of state as we are planning to expand into new markets. I have driven over 6000 miles in 60 days visiting with no less than 14 distributors covering 7 states. What we have to offer product wise is compounded as we release beer in bottles for the first time later this week in conjunction with North Carolina craft beer month, one year anniversary of the brewery and two year anniversary for the Outpost. The same thing can be said…


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Cooking with Beer

What Aspiring Cooks Should Know

Beer and food pair just as well (or better) as wine and food. Ask any craft beer fan, and you’ll be directed to a plethora of different brews that pair with specific types of food and individual dishes. However, beer and food have a much longer history than just being consumed in tandem to accent flavors and enjoyment. Beer has been used in cooking since time out of mind, and cooking, well baking, actually formed the core of many brewing concerns – the…


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Why it's OK to drink green beer on St. Paddy's day

The more I think about the way I consume beer, the more I think I might not have been too far off back in my 20s when I was drinking swill at house parties. There's no arguing that I get more enjoyment from the beer itself when I drink a crafted brew these days, but when it comes beer as part of a shared experience with friends, that mass-produced canned crap served its purpose back in those days.

I remember when I was young in my journey through the world of craft beer, and I had…


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Spring Offensive

What the hell is going on with the weather down here in the “South?” Snow, freezing temperatures, are you friggin kidding me? I live in the South for a reason and it isn’t to make snow men. I can tell you right now, if you have a pet ground hog, you better hide that SOB or else he is dead meat if he gets in my cross hairs. I can’t recall if he saw his shadow or not this year but if he did, this shit is straight up offensive!

Mankind always seems to have the need to be in control of…


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The Changing Face of Beer

Trends for the World of Beer in 2014

Beer has been part of human culture for thousands of years. In that sense, things will change very little through the end of 2014 – we’re still beer lovers, and it’s still the drink of the masses. However, there are some changes looming on the horizon, and whether you’re a brewer, a would-be brewer or just someone who appreciates the time, dedication and talent required to brew real beer, it pays to know what’s coming down the pipe. Here’s a peak…


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Army of One

It was crazy this past week as in our home area we received a small blanket of snow which essentially shut down Eastern North Carolina for an entire week. Hopefully everybody was able to stay warm, not risk getting into an accident by venturing out on the icy roads and had a beer cache to imbibe on. I think we dodge a bullet with this snow storm coming just days after we hosted the 4th Annual Jolly Skull Beer Fest.

Speaking of which, thanks to the thousands of beer fans that attended…


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When Big Beer Goes Small

When Big Beer Goes Small – The Rising Number of Big Breweries Tapping into the Craft Beer Segment

When you think of “big beer”, you think of names like Budweiser, Michelob, Heineken, Coors and the like. You think of names that have been around for a long time, and have a national or even international presence. That’s made it easier for newcomers to the world of craft beer to avoid mass-produced brews and go for options made by small brewers. However, there’s a chance that bottle…


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New year, new beer: A resolution you can stick to

So it's been three weeks of the new year, and you're about ready (if you haven't already) to quit those annual resolutions to lose weight, get rich, keep a cleaner house or some other self-improvement plan that will certainly fall apart by February.

I urge you to move past that, and adopt a resolution with me that will be as enjoyable as it will be easy to keep.

New Year. New Beer. New (beer drinking) You.

I've had lots of conversations lately with my fellow…


Added by John Swartz on January 23, 2014 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

Chess Not Checkers

A new month and a new year already? Can somebody hit the pause button already or at least the slow motion arrow? Where does the time go?

I’ve spent the past couple of days taking stock of what we have accomplished both personally and professionally as well as taking inventory of what we didn’t get done before the end of the year. Why is it the list of failures or actions not achieved piss me off more than the list of accomplishments that we did get done with the latter being a lot…


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Orlando – Offering More than Just Theme Park Fun

When you think of Orlando, chances are good you think of theme parks. That’s natural. The city’s home to Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and a ton of other options. The most common reason to go to Orlando is to hit a theme park or two – it’s become one of America’s most popular family vacation destinations for just that reason. However, that’s not all there is to experience in town. There’s good news for foot-sore dads and those who either need a break from theme parks, or have no…


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Our Place in Wake Forest, NC has the Army!

Stopped into a re-done restaurant/sports bar in Wake Forest next to the entrance to the WalMart for lunch and took a look at the taps. Maybe 12 or so and what did I see in the middle? Yup, went closer and saw a Beer Army Tap!  Woo-Hoo, The Army is in Wake Forest.

Added by Jon Piper on December 16, 2013 at 10:56am — 1 Comment

Check out this Deschutes, Goose Island collaboration coming up

At the beer market these days, there is always a plethora of seasonals available. The winter season, though, always seems special. Maybe it's because of the holidays; maybe it's that the breweries see it as a combination of ending one year on a high note and starting the next on the right foot.

Either way, the winter/holiday season is a favorite for many as they search for the limited release brews. My wife, for example, looks forward all year to Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale. She's…


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BACB Brews News: Post 3


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Beer Army Combat Brewery Presents: Brews News Post 2


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Beer Army Combat Brewery's Presents: Brews News


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New Ways to Explore the World of Craft Beer

We’ve all been there before. You buy a six-pack of a new brew that looks like it’ll be great, but after the first sip or two, you realize your error. Whether it’s too hoppy, too malty or just too “out there” for your particular tastes, you’re now stuck with the majority of a six-pack that you’ll never drink. And you’re out the money for the purchase, too. While that expense might not have been particularly large back when big beer dominated and you only paid $5.00 for the six-pack, now that…


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What Defines You

A lot of people will say flat out that they don’t care what others think of them personally. Many will even do it with a sense of bravado and candor that looks like a staunch wall of self-confidence. But when you start looking closer at that wall, especially in the crevices of the bricks you’ll see that everybody on some level cares what others think of them. It isn’t a fault, it is simply being human.

Maybe you care what a specific individual thinks of you like a mother, father,…


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Craft beer boom showing no signs of slowing

The craft beer industry is growing, and it seems like there's nothing anyone can do about it -- especially not the massive macro brews that once dominated the U.S. beer market.

Need proof that the craft beer industry has the old guard on the backpedal? Lagunitas Brewing Co. founder Tony Magee says that proof is in the big guys' actions.

"When Budweiser announced the arrival of Budweiser American Ale ... they gave everybody who was a Budweiser drinker, or otherwise a macro beer…


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Never Say NEVER

I had my column already written out for this month and ready to post when something truly miraculous happened today. It was amazing enough for me to make the decision that I needed to rewrite it and make it the subject of this month.

Now I’m sure you are dying to know just what it is but first let me preface it by saying that Jeff hasn’t grown hair on his head or shaved his beard. Nope, nothing crazy like that. Instead it is my wife who swears by everything holy that she’ll never be a…


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The Interesting and the Strange – Beer Flavors Gone Wild

Remember when beer tasted like, well, beer? Once upon a time, you could pop open a bottle and regardless of the brewery of origin, the contents were going to taste pretty similar. However, with the rise of the craft beer movement, beer doesn’t have to taste like beer anymore. There are some rather creative breweries out there doing some innovative, and sometimes downright strange, things with their brews. Here’s a quick rundown of the more uniquely flavored beers on the market.



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