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Beer and Cheese 101

In this wonderful world of beer it’s not complete without food. The two go hand in hand! It’s like the beach and the ocean, stars and night, summer and bikini’s. While any one of these things are great on its’ own it’s a whole lot better when paired up. With this month’s Chow Hall I decided we’d talk about one of the oldest, easiest, overlooked pairings ever; beer and cheese.

When’s the last time you went to the grocery store shopping for cheese? I happened to walk by the cheese…


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A Beer-Centric Dinner

For this session of Chow Hall I thought I would breakdown a coursed out meal. Some of these pairings might be a little off the wall and some might be tame. The idea is to experiment, push the envelope, diversify your pairings, and to never settle. Some of these pairings are of my own design, others are from working with my chef Jorel Pierce at Euclid Hall, and others are from the ingenious mind of Ryan Conklin, Euclid Hall’s Certified Cicerone. No matter who thought up the pairing the…


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Sometimes the Simples Pairings are the Best

For this session of Chow Hall I thought we’d talk about a very easy way to pair great food and great beer. This is probably one of the simplest and best forms of pairing and yet it’s also the one pairing that’s most commonly overlooked. No matter the situation you can find a way to make this pairing work time and time again. Have you guessed what kind of pairing method I’m talking about? Are you dying to know? I’m talking about pairing food and beer from the same regions of the…


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The Wonderful World of Belgian Beer

For this session of Chow Hall I thought I would break down the popular styles of Belgian Beer and show some amazing pairings that will really bring them to life. We'll be focusing on Belgian Singles, Dubbels, Triples, and Quadruples. While there are many other styles to Belgian ales these are by far the most popular and easiest to remember; just think of the sequential order.

Starting from the bottom and working our way up we have Belgian Singles. Typically this beer is rarely brewed…


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Welcome to Chow Hall! Beer and Food Pairings 101

First let me begin by introducing myself and what Chow Hall is to Beer Army. My name is Marc Bayes I am a Certified Beer Server through the Cicerone Program and reside in Denver, Colorado. I work at Euclid Hall and deal with the newest and some of the very best craft beer this country has to offer on a day to day basis. Before I took this job I was heavily into wine. I had worked at a multitude of fine dining restaurants and took on the responsibility of learning everything I could about…


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Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey Denise Use Of Their Name On Craft Beer

I recently read on Shikes blog (WestWord) that Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is denying the use of their name on craft beer labels. Yes you heard me right. The number one whiskey of Colorado is denying the use of their name on…


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Avery Brewing Co. Announces 8th Barrel-Aged Beer: Meretrix

Avery Brewing is at it again! While this small brewery in Boulder, Co. has been producing amazing beer for 18 years and currently is at max production and looking to expand, their side project of barrel-aged beers hasn’t slowed in pace since conception.

Avery Brewing first started their barrel-aged line in February of 2009 with Brabant a Wild American Ale. Since they have created some of the most…


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Avery Brewing Co. Announces Plans To Exit 8 States and 7 Partial State Markets

Craft beer fans in eight states became very sad today as Avery Brewing Co. announces they will be removing themselves from eight states and seven other partial-state markets starting in April. This year Avery has seen  tremendous growth in their product with 81% growth in Colorado and overall production growth of 75%. With increase in growth comes the question, “Can one continue to support all markets with a continuous flow of fresh… Continue

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