What the hell is going on with the weather down here in the “South?” Snow, freezing temperatures, are you friggin kidding me? I live in the South for a reason and it isn’t to make snow men. I can tell you right now, if you have a pet ground hog, you better hide that SOB or else he is dead meat if he gets in my cross hairs. I can’t recall if he saw his shadow or not this year but if he did, this shit is straight up offensive!

Mankind always seems to have the need to be in control of things. We have marked time by creating a calendar where the start or birth of the New Year is at the dead of winter. Go figure. However, Mother Nature starts the New Year when she springs (pun intended) into action with the spring season to start a new 12 month cycle.

I always enjoy the start of spring for many reasons but more so this year as it should mean we can start shaking off some of this freakish weather. I enjoy the start of longer days because I can be outside more which usually involves having a beer in my hand as well. Okay, that is a copout as I have no problem having a beer in my hand sitting in the house. Hey! Don’t judge, this is my story.

The start of this spring is especially exciting for multiple reasons. The second anniversary of the Beer Army Outpost, the first anniversary of the Beer Army Combat Brewery and the first release of our seasonal beer release. Not to mention Beer Army beer in a package but I’ll cover that in a second.

Our spring seasonal is a Honey Hibiscus Wheat beer called Carolina Belle. It is an easy drinking American Wheat beer that captures the very essence of spring with its very floral aroma and flavor. The body is red with a pink head and the ABV is under 5% so you should have no problem drinking more than one. Why Hibiscus flowers? After all, I’m sure most are thinking flowers and a military themed company are kind of counter opposites. Actually I think it is the Brew Crew’s attempt to show they are secure in their masculinity by promoting flower power. Honestly though, when you think spring, how can you not think flowers and the subliminal message they bring of a fresh start?

Another thing that we are excited about this spring season is the start of a new mini beer festival that we are planning to have at the brewery next month to coincide with the end of Beer Army Beer Week. We are calling it the Beer Army Spring Offensive. It will be free to attend, featuring live music, bouncy bounce houses for the kids with great food and plenty of beer available for purchase. It will be getting back to the roots of true beer culture making this a family friendly style event.

Another Spring Offensive that we are launching this month is the release of our beer in 22 oz bomber bottles which we are really excited about. No longer will you be a slave to the growler if you want to enjoy Beer Army beer at home or at a friend’s house. Stay tuned in to our Facebook page for the announcement on when the first bombs are dropped.

It doesn’t stop there for Beer Army beer in a package. We have a canning line being built and we are crossing our fingers we’ll have it delivered, up and running with cans hitting the shelves before the start of summer. Beer Army in cans and the beach, that is a match made in heaven.

All of this is possible because of loyal soldiers like you and that fact is never lost on us at Beer Army. Thank you so much for your continued support as we try to keep pace. It is the one thing that our company growth and the weather have in common… crazy!

Poto Cervesia,
The General

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Comment by Beer Army on March 6, 2014 at 7:35pm

Thanks Jeff!

Comment by Jeff Schulze on March 6, 2014 at 7:19pm
Love reading your blogs General!

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